Drain Cleaning Service in Bend, La Pine, Prineville & Redmond

When water starts running slowly anywhere – that’s the warning bell; something is going wrong somewhere in the drainage system of your home or business. You’ll be tempted to try the DIY system first, after all – it’s just a slow drain, how hard can it be? But you need to be aware that even a drain cleaner you buy yourself in a store can be corrosive to certain pipes, not to mention dangerous. More importantly, that slow drain is usually the symptom of a larger problem that will get worse with time – no matter how many bottles of drain cleaner you pour down it! Only a skilled plumber with the right equipment can truly diagnose and take care of the problem completely. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Bend our technicians receive specialized draining in the vital area of drains and drain cleaning. Read more about our Drain Cleaning Services in Bend


All household and business drains lead to a main sewer line, which connects to either a city sewer line or a septic tank. The culprit in these cases is actually a root that has broken through the pipe, a problem that often occurs in areas of older construction with large, established trees and shrubs. Again, this is where a Mr. Rooter plumber can use modern non-invasive methods to pinpoint where the blockage is. We have the most cutting-edge equipment on the market today, everything from video camera inspections to high pressure water stream pipe cleaning. That means our technicians can quickly identify the problem and then fix that problem so it stays fixed – without a complete disruption of your home or business. And once you’re up and running again, Mr. Rooter will work with you on a maintenance program to keep it from happening again! Mr Rooter of La Pine is Central Oregon’s drain cleaning expert, call us today with all your drain cleaning needs. Read more about our Drain Cleaning Services in La Pine


Slow-running drains, standing water in sinks and showers, or a toilet that’s causing a messy flood of water – all of these are plumbing emergencies that mean you need a plumber and you need one fast. At Mr. Rooter of Prineville we come to your aid at any hour, weekends, holidays, or the middle of the night. It doesn’t matter, because there’s never any extra after-hours charge! Mr. Rooter understands that emergency plumbing situations never happen at a convenient time for anyone, so we’re always on call. We have the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry, such as a video camera that can snake through your pipes to take “snapshots” so we can pinpoint your problem without breaking through your walls or floors. Then, once we understand where the issue is, we have advanced equipment and methods to take care of it quickly, including high-pressure, hydro-jet pipe cleaning and trenchless pipe repair if it’s a sewer line outside your home that’s causing the problem. At Mr. Rooter we have the technology to get the job done right the first time! Read more about our Drain Cleaning Services in Prineville


If you have a drain problem you really should call Mr. Rooter of Redmond immediately, but many people want to try the DIY method first; after all, how hard can it be? But if you do, you should be aware that the drain cleaners you buy yourself are dangerous and corrosive to certain pipes, and you may have no idea what kind of pipes you have, especially in an older home. Of course there’s the good old plunger and elbow grease method, but that only works when the clog is at the very beginning of the pipe, and by the time you notice slowing or standing water, the clog has often already started to take over in places that you can’t reach. It may have extended up behind a wall or under the floor. And finally, in some rare occasions, the clog or drainage problem is actually completely outside your home and out of your control. It’s being caused by root intrusion into your drainage system, and that can cause the cracked or misaligned pipes that are backing up your system, even if you haven’t put anything down your drains that you shouldn’t. This is a major issue that needs a top-notch plumber with the right equipment to pinpoint the problem and get it taken care of, and that’s just what Mr. Rooter of Redmond provides!

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