Trenchless Sewer Lines in Bend

One of the greatest new breakthroughs in plumbing technology is trenchless pipe repair, and Mr. Rooter of Bend is your local sewer and trenchless pipe repair specialist! It may be hard to tell that the pipes and sewer lines under your house are in trouble, but if you see water backing up in your yard, flooding in your basement, or notice foul sewage odors, your underground pipe system may need attention – and quickly! You need to call Mr. Rooter as soon as possible in order to avoid a potential plumbing disaster.

A courteous Mr. Rooter dispatcher will send one of our expert plumbing technicians as quickly as possible to examine your sewer system thoroughly, give you a free written estimate of what needs to be done, and explain the problem clearly in layman’s language so you understand exactly what your repair will consist of. Plumbing emergencies are enough of a nightmare without worrying about what plumber to choose or whether that plumber is qualified. When you call Mr. Rooter of Bend you know you’re getting the best service in the plumbing industry! There’s a reason Mr. Rooter is one of the top plumbers in the country, we’ve got the best training, the most expertise, and highest quality equipment in the industry!

There are two kinds of trenchless pipe repair: the “pipe relining” method or the “pipe pull” method. Both methods are equally durable, will extend the life of your piping system 50 years or more, and basically means that what you have is a pipe that’s as good – or better than new! An expert Mr. Rooter plumber will inspect your sewer lines using advanced diagnostic methods like video camera equipment and determine which method is best for your situation. With pipe relining, a kind of durable liquid epoxy is inserted into the pipe so it completely coats the area needing repair. Once the epoxy is in place, a balloon liner is inserted and inflated to meld the epoxy with the existing pipe. As it dries it forms a new pipe, and the liner is pulled out. Voilá! New pipe – and no digging! With the pipe pull method, we use your existing broken pipe as a channel, and insert a path-clearing installation head into your old pipe, with the new piping attached. The installation head actually “pulls through” a whole new pipe – right under your lawn – but without disturbing your daisies! Trenchless repair isn’t performed by all plumbers, but fortunately, your friendly Mr. Rooter in Bend is one who does, and we do it right, the first time, every time!