Trenchless Sewer Lines in La Pine

Mr. Rooter of La Pine is much more than a plumber you would call for a leaky pipe. Not only do we handle absolutely any and all kinds of residential or commercial plumbing issues, we also specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of your entire underground sewer or septic tank pipelines! Mr. Rooter has been providing the finest service in the plumbing industry since 1970, and because we’ve been around a long time we keep abreast of the latest in plumbing technology. Whether it’s the newest techniques and methods or the most cutting edge equipment in the industry, Mr. Rooter’s got it! And that includes one of the great breakthroughs in plumbing technology – trenchless pipe repair!

Not every plumber or plumbing company can do trenchless pipe repair, but Mr. Rooter can! There are two methods used, either epoxy pipe relining or the “pipe-pull” method. With pipe relining we actually create a new pipe inside your damaged pipe by inserting a tough liquid epoxy to entirely coat the inside, then inserting a balloon-bladder throughout the pipe, and inflating it to push the epoxy evenly against your old pipe. When the epoxy hardens, we withdraw the balloon and, voilá! That’s a brand new pipe inside your old pipe! With the pipe-pull method we use your old pipe to guide the new pipe to its place. The new pipe is pulled through your old pipe by a machine designed to tunnel through the old pipe, breaking it up as it goes. Once we’ve pulled the new length of pipe through under your yard, we just make the connections at either end and – again – voilá! That’s a brand new pipe in place of your old pipe! We can even increase the size of your pipe from four inches to six inches, and that means increased efficiency! Either method creates a pipe that’s code approved, root-proof, leak-proof, chemical and acid resistant, and it comes with a 50 year guarantee. This is the kind of service Mr. Rooter has been offering their customers for over 40 years, and that’s a record we’re proud of!