Trenchless Sewer Lines in Prineville

Older construction can also mean older plumbing systems, and sewer systems are particularly vulnerable as they age because the pipe materials and installation methods of the past aren’t nearly as sturdy as they are now. But even a brand new home can have sewer issues, and that’s why Mr. Rooter of Prineville specializes in sewer line systems of every kind, no matter how old – or new – they are. We have the most advanced method of pipe repair and replacement in the industry – trenchless pipe repair!

Many things can compromise a sewer system, not just age. Nearby large trees and shrubs with invasive root systems can crush or damage pipes, soil settling, weight of other structures, or initial installation that wasn’t up to standard can all compromise your system. No matter the cause, having a problem with your sewer line will eventually cause problems with all the drains in your home. Sometimes a potential problem underground might not be obvious above ground, so that’s why calling your Mr. Rooter plumber is so important, no matter how minor you may think an issue is. A Mr. Rooter plumbing technician will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection with video camera equipment to ascertain exactly where and what the problem is, then give you a free written estimate. He’ll take the time to thoroughly explain what the issue is, why it happened, and what can be done to correct it.

There are two methods of trenchless pipe repair: pipe re-lining and pipe replacement through the “pipe-pull” method. The first actually re-lines the inside of your pipe where it’s damaged with an epoxy liquid that hardens to a tough interior coating, creating a new pipe within your old pipe. The second method uses your old pipe as a guide for an installation head that pushes through your old pipe, breaking it up as it goes. At the same time the head is dragging a new pipe through behind it, to replace the old pipe as it breaks up. With these methods you can repair anything from 2” to 12” diameter pipes, and even enlarge a pipe from 4” to 6” for efficiency. Plus, whether it’s epoxy relining or new replacement pipe, both are equally sturdy, and guaranteed to last for another 50 years. Your new pipe resists corrosion, leakage, and intrusion by root growth, in effect – we give you a pipe that’s actually better than new!

Mr. Rooter of Prineville has been the go-to plumber of choice since 1970 because our company consistently offers the most advanced – and best – plumbing repair in the industry. Not all plumbers or plumbing companies can do trenchless pipe repair, but Mr. Rooter can. Call us and you’ll understand exactly why we’re one of the top plumbing companies in the world!