Trenchless Sewer Lines in Redmond

When you need a plumber most people in Redmond think of Mr. Rooter. Why? Well, our “Record of Excellence” has made us one of the top plumbing companies in the country, and people know we handle both residential and commercial emergencies, installations, and maintenance. But what they may not know is that our expertise also includes major underground issues, like your sewer and septic tank pipelines. At Mr. Rooter we really can say – “We do it all!”

A problem in your sewer line is one of the worst – and most costly – plumbing problems you can have. Fortunately, Mr. Rooter is equipped with the latest techniques and equipment for those issues. We can often do the same work far more affordably and in less than half the time than other companies. That’s because at Mr. Rooter of Redmond, we can offer our customers the two most advanced methods of trenchless pipe repair available: pipe re-lining and pipe replacement. Not every plumber does trenchless pipe repair and replacement, but at Mr. Rooter we pride ourselves on always having the latest training and newest, cutting edge equipment so we can provide our customers with services they may not even know are available. There’s a reason our customers trust us – we’ve been dedicated to your satisfaction for 40 years!

Trenchless pipe repair is a remarkable technology that replaces the drastic need for cutting huge trenches through your property and landscaping, and sometimes through your sidewalk and out into the street as well. At Mr. Rooter we use video camera equipment to pinpoint where your pipe is compromised, and then repair or replace it so that it’s not “just as good as new” – but actually better than new! Both pipe re-lining and trenchless pipe replacement methods use your old pipes as the foundation for creating your new pipes. With pipe relining, we actually create a new pipe inside of your damaged pipe by inserting a soft epoxy that hardens into a thin but sturdy coating inside your old pipe. With pipe replacement, a special pipe-cleaning installation head burrows through your old pipe, dragging a brand new pipe through with it. The installation head breaks up the old pipe up as it goes, leaving the new pipe in its place. Whichever method you choose, you end up with what is essentially a brand new pipe – only better! Both methods are equally durable and guarantee at least a 50-plus year life span. Your Mr. Rooter plumbing technician can tell you which kind is right for you. Either way Mr. Rooter will save you time and money – and your yard will still look beautiful when we’re done!