Water Heater Repair, Service & Installation La Pine

In the last few years, the variety of water heaters on the market has exploded. There’s always the simple, conventional storage kind of water heater – but now we have a huge number of different kinds of those water heaters to choose from. If you look further you’ll see that there are also on-demand, tankless, heat pump, indirect, and solar water heaters to consider as well, and every one has their own set of pros and cons. Then, just to make things even more confusing, every manufacturer has rolled out their own models of every one of those types of water heaters as well. So now you have to consider not just all the different features and kinds and brands, you also have to take into account warranties, safety features, and – of course – price points! Are you ready to give up and just make do with cold showers every morning? Don’t be, because Mr. Rooter has all your answers when it comes to repairing, replacing, and maintaining your water heater!

Mr. Rooter is a name people know they can trust, after all, we’ve been in business since 1970, so we must be doing something right. But our record of excellence and fast, courteous service is tangible proof that we’re one of the best plumbing companies in the industry. At Mr. Rooter we’ll give you an honest, accurate and full explanation of every water heater option that’s a good choice for you and why. You can trust that our plumbers are reliable and unbiased and will give you the best recommendations because we don’t market or sell any particular brand or kind of water heater, we’re just in the business of knowing – and doing – what’s best for our customers. We want to offer you the best customer service in the world, no matter what your plumbing issue is. You may think you want one of the new, energy efficient tankless or solar water heaters, and if there’s one that’s right for you we’ll find it. But we’ll also tell you why they may not be the best choice for you as well. Those water heaters are more expensive up front so it takes longer to even out the operational and maintenance savings. Also, a certain kind of gas water heater may actually be better and more energy efficient in the long run because of the size of your family, the construction of your home, or the state that you live in. There are so many variables in choosing a water heater today it would make your head spin, and it will – unless you call Mr. Rooter. Let Mr. Rooter of La Pine help you solve your water heater needs today, so you can enjoy long, hot showers for years to come!