Water Heater Repair, Service & Installation in Prineville

It’s 7:00 AM and your teenager just screamed down the stairs that her shower went cold. Unfortunately, you know that means that no one else, including you, will get a shower this morning, unless it’s a cold one. This is the third time in a month it’s happened, in spite of every DIY fix you’ve tried, and the warranty on your water heater just ran out – a month ago. What do you do? What you should have done the first time it happened – you need to call Mr. Rooter of Prineville and you need to call fast. At Mr. Rooter you’re guaranteed quick, professional, friendly service. When you call one of our expertly trained plumbing technicians will come out at any time of the day or night, whatever your plumbing problem is, without charging any kind of after hour-fee, even if it’s a holiday! We’ll inspect your water heating system from top to bottom, and give you a free written estimate, and if it’s worth fixing we can fix it that same day. But even better – if it needs replacing, we’ll help you through the difficult process of choosing the best water heater for your needs, and we can still get it done for you the same day. At Mr. Rooter a happy, satisfied customer is our number one goal. We don’t just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them!

There’s an explosion of new water heaters and water heating technology to choose from today. Gone are the days when you could just choose a water heater all by yourself, large or small, white or grey. If you were to go to a big-box home improvement store and try to choose a water heater now, here’s what you’re up against: a salesperson who probably doesn’t know that much more about water heaters than you do – but he’ll ask you a lot of questions anyway; questions that he probably doesn’t even understand. Do you want a conventional storage tank water heater, or a tankless one? Gas, or electric? Propane, or hybrid? How many gallons of water do you use during your busiest hour? What size of water heater does your space – and plumbing code – allow? What kind of pipe system does your water heater have? Copper or PEX? What kind of EF – energy factor – are you looking for? What brand of water heater do you want? And that list just goes on – and on, and on, and on.

So, is your head spinning yet? Do you have an accurate answer to any one of these questions? Well, don’t worry, because your Mr. Rooter plumber does, after all – we’re water-heater specialists. When we inspect your home we’ll make sure we have all of that information – and more. We’re not in the business of selling you a certain make or model or brand of water heater because we don’t sell water heaters – we repair, install, and maintain them. Our only concern is that you get the right kind of water heater for your home or business, at the price you want to pay, installed quickly and professionally! We can guide you in finding the water heater that’s absolutely right for you, your home, and your family!