Water Heater Repair, Service & Installation in Redmond Oregon

Unfortunately, symptoms of trouble with your water heater are often too subtle to notice until it’s too late. You get into the shower to get ready for work, and halfway through shampooing your hair, the warm water starts to cool down, then, suddenly – it’s stone cold, and all you can do is suffer through trying to get the soap out of your hair. You and your family don’t realize the profound importance of your hot water heater until it needs repair or replacement. Fortunately, Mr. Rooter of Redmond is always available for same-day emergency repairs and consultation for plumbing emergencies just like these. We’re your answer to your plumbing problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we never, ever charge for those after-hour calls! Courteous, professional, fast service and our “Record of Excellence” have made us the top plumbing company in the world today!

Unfortunately again, fixing your water heater, or buying and installing a new water tends to be one of those things a homeowner will often try to do him – or her – self, generally with fairly disastrous results. After all, there are hundreds of books and online DIY sites that tell you how, aren’t there? So, obviously, it must be easy to do. But that’s where you’re wrong, and that’s why you need to call Mr. Rooter of Redmond. Just go into your local big-box home improvement store and try looking at water heaters. Seriously. Do you have any idea how many different brands of water heaters there are? And even if you manage to decide on a brand, do you even know what kind of water heater you need – or want? Did you realize every brand will offer their own kinds of gas, electric, propane gas, solar, and tankless water heaters, and they all have different costs, warranties, pros and cons? Do you how much room you need for which kind of water heater? Do you know how to analyze the life cycle cost of the water heater in order to assess the benefits over the lifetime of the water heater? Do you have any idea how many gallons of water your family needs to meet your FHR? Let’s face it – do you even know what FHR means? That’s exactly why you need to call Mr. Rooter of Redmond, because we’re water heater specialists! Mr. Rooter’s expert plumbing technicians are trained, highly skilled experts when it comes to all aspects of water heater repair and replacement. They will guide you in picking the right heater for your home or business, they’ll install it for you – correctly, and then they’ll help you maintain it so you get the most for your money, year after year.